15 Best Pencil Cases for Artists & How you Should Choose One

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Whether you are an art student, art teacher or a professional artist, having your pencils in a case is important as it helps keep them clean, organized and all in one place. In this article I have rounded up the 15 best pencil cases for artists and creative people to use. These cases not only allow you to hold and store your pencils but also let you easily take them with you wherever you go.

These pencil cases are especially good for art students, artists and teachers as they usually carry a lot of drawing materials such as pens, pencils, brushes, inks and so on. It is recommended to have these cases around to keep your materials tidy and safe. If you have a ton of drawing stuff, then it makes sense to keep them in a pencil case.

In this article, I will look through the 15 best pencil cases for artists and pick out the ones that are both useful and also cheap. To make sure these cases are good enough when carrying around your pencils or other mediums, they should be made of good quality materials, have a good design, and also be reasonably priced.

To help you find the best pencil case for your needs, I will look through each product and discuss their pros and cons so you can decide which is the perfect one for your own situation!

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best pencil cases for artists

15 Best Pencil Cases for Artists

Speedball Art Products Canvas Storage Case for Pencils

The first pencil case on this list is the Speedball Art Products Canvas Pencil Case. This case not only can be used to hold your drawing pens and pencils but also other art supplies such as paints, inks, or whatever you want to carry around with you. The canvas case is lightweight and allows you to hold up to 24 standard-sized pencils. The svelte design makes it easy to carry and store anywhere.

Homecube Pencil Case 

This Homecube Pencil Case can be used to store not only your pencils but also other art supplies such as pens and markers. This pouch is made of Oxford cloth so that it offers a ton of durability for long-lasting performance. The main compartment has an internal divider which allows you to keep everything organized.

Friinder Pen Pencil Telescopic Holder Stationery Case

The Friinder Pen and Pencil Telescopic Holder’s design allows you to easily store your pens or pencils. The pencil bag can store your pens and pencils, which is a great way to keep them organized when you travel. This case is made from premium PU corduroy fabric which makes it super easy to clean.

Number-one Large Capacity Pencil Case

This is a larger-than-average-sized pencil case – handy when you have a lot of art supplies or drawing materials! This pencil wrap can hold 72 pencils with elastic loops. It also has 3 layers with each compartment having two sides with elastic holders! Each sleeve holds 12 pencils (or color pencils and gel pens) for you to easily see your drawing media at a glance!

Foldable Zipper Pencil Case

This Foldable 36 Slots Zipper Pencil Case is a great pencil case to carry around with you. It’s made out of nylon which ensures the case will last for years. The zipper ensures that your pencils and pens won’t fall out or get lost in this handy little case! There is a handle on the side of the case, which makes it easy to carry around!

ANGOOBABY Standing Pencil Case

With its stylish design, this pencil case from AngoBaby is a great way to hold with your pencils. It’s made from high quality fabric so that it can last just as long as the rest of your supplies without ripping! a single zip compartment neatly holds your pens and drawing materials for easy access when needed.

Vaultz Locking Supplies & Pencil Box

This catch all supply box is durable and the perfect size to throw in a backpack or drawer. Great for draw supplies, or other small valuables like your ear phones, phone, cash, and more. It has a mesh pocket and elastic pencil band inside for organization. Security features include reliable key locks which are part of Vaultz’s patented design!

Speedball Art Leather Pencil Case

This case is made of genuine leather which is a great way to store your pencils. The case can hold up to 96 standard sized pencils and it has a snap closure so that it stays secure at all times.

EASTHILL Big Capacity Pencil Case

This is a great pencil case for storing a bunch of supplies. It’s made out of high-quality fabric which makes it durable and long-lasting to last you through years. The main compartment has an internal divider which allows you to keep everything organized. This Big Capacity Pencil Case can store up to 50 pens or 90 pencils, and can store small stationery in the mesh bag, such as notes, Rubber, Sticker, etc.

Pencil Case Holder Slot (Dragonfly)

This pencil pouch is a great way to keep your brushes and markers organized. It can hold up to 136 pens or 202 colored pencils at one time! It’s made out of nylon which ensures the case will last for years. The zipper ensures that your pencils and pens won’t fall out or get lost in this handy little case!

Handcrafted Leather Pencil pouch

This leather pencil case is sure to make a great gift for anyone who likes to draw & write. It’s made out of genuine leather which ensures the case will last for years. The zipper ensures that your pencils and pens won’t fall out or get lost in this handy little case! The stitching detail makes it look elegant and classy.

ArtBin Art & Craft Organizer

This case is great for storing markers, paint brushes, pencils, and more! It’s made out of high quality plastic which makes it durable. Opens easily so you can find what you need in a flash!

Tiblue Big Capacity Pencil Case

This pencil case is great for anyone who likes to draw, sketch, or paint. It’s made out of high quality nylon which ensures the case will last a long time! The zipper on the pouch keeps everything in place along with the main compartment and mesh pockets inside.

Colored Canvas Pencil Case Roll Wrap

If you’re an artist on the go, this case will be your life-saver. It’s made of canvas and has 72 slots for pencils, magic markers, pens, or paintbrushes so you can keep all your essentials in one place.

BTSKY Colored Pencil Case

This pencil case is great for anyone who likes to doodle, sketch, or paint. It’s made with high-quality nylon which ensure it will last a long time! The zipper keeps everything secure inside with the separate compartments and elastic holders.

How do I choose a pencil case?

As artists, we need to choose a pencil case which is big enough to store our different drawing media. There are lots of factors you can consider when choosing a pencil case.

What are the main qualities of a good pencil case?

1) Quality and durability

You want your pencil case to be made with good quality materials that will be able to last for a long time. Some pencil cases are made with leather while others use nylon, canvas or even aluminium. Personally, I prefer leather because it is more durable and will be around for a long time.

2) Price and value for money

There are some pencil cases which are really cheap, but you end up spending more money because they don’t last long. In this article I will look at good quality cases that offer the most features while still being reasonably priced. These pencil cases won’t cost a bomb or break after 3 months of use!

3) Shape and design

I think it is very important that the case has a design that you like and want to use. As an artist, it gives you inspiration and reflects your personality which is a good reason to choose a case that you like. Some of the cases in this article have really cool designs while others are simple but elegant as well!

4) Price

The price can be from about $10 to more than $50 depending on size and quality. In this article I will look at the most balanced and reasonable priced pencil cases for artists. If you are looking to store 12 or so pencils then you should be able to get a quality case for less than $20.

5) Size

As mentioned, sizes vary from about 4 inches to more than 20 inches in diameter. You want to choose a pencil case that is big enough to fit your different drawing mediums in it. When choosing the size of your pencil case, also consider how many drawing materials you want to store in it and if you will be taking them with you on the go or just keeping them at home for everyday use.

6) Features

As artists, the more features a pencil case has, the better. Features are things like zips, compartments or loops for holding small accessories such as pencil sharpeners or erasers.

7) Design

Besides making sure that your pencil case is made of good quality material and offers value for money, you also want to pick one with a design you like. You want a case that you will feel inspired to use.

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What are the best pencil cases for high school?

Pencil cases are a great tool for students to help them carry around their art supplies from one place to another. However, pencil cases can be very different depending on the user and how they use it.

If you are looking for a premium case that is super durable, looks professional and holds a lot of stuff then I’d recommend this one Tiblue Big Capacity Pencil Case because it is large enough to store equipment and it comes with a handle!

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What do artists look for in the best pencil case?

Artists want a pencil case that looks great, is of good quality and has enough material compartments to keep their drawing tools organized.

Of course there are other criteria artists look at in a pencil case such as how much room does the case have for their different drawing tools and if it is big enough to hold everything they need.

There are also cases that artists look at which are of a slim design and don’t take up any space in their bags or sketchbooks. These types of cases can be very useful if your looking to save space when carrying your supplies with you.

How do you store drawing pencils?

There are many different ways for storing drawing pencils. The first step is to decide what types of media you will be using the most and try to keep them in separate compartments.

How do you keep your pencil case organized?

Organization at a basic level means dividing up your pencil cases into different compartments. If you have more than one set of art supplies then try to store them in separate sections of the pencil case which will reduce any possible confusion and irritation when looking for something.

How do you clean a pencil case?

The easiest way to keep your pencil case clean is to not let any dirt and dust get onto it in the first place. If you do need to clean your pencil case there are a few easy methods such as using a damp cloth and wiping off the outside or inside of the case.

How do you look after your pencil case?

A good pencil case will last you for many years. Just remember to keep it in a safe place when not being used and always close the zipper after use. Putting your pencil case into an organized storage container is also very important as pens, pencils and other drawing tools can easily get lost so be sure to have them all together.

How do you store markers?

A good way to store markers is by keeping them in separate compartments within your pencil case. This process will help keep your markers from getting damaged, keep them organized and allow easy access when needed.

Here are some other questions I have been asked regarding pencils and drawing media.

What are the best quality drawing pencils?

There is a wide range of drawing pencils on the market today which are suited for both beginners and professional artists. If you want to get good quality pencils then I would recommend using either Faber Castell 9000 Drawing Pencil or Staedtler 100G24S Mars Lumograph Drawing Pencils as these are some of the best quality pencils on the market today.

A lot of people ask me what is a good drawing pencil for beginners or what is a good number 2 pencil to start off with and this all depends on your own personal preferences. I personally like starting with a 2B pencil – dark enough to quickly sketch basic impressions, but soft enough to be easily erased!

So if you’re looking to get started with drawing pencils then I would just go to your local art shop and start looking around at different pencils and see which one best suits your needs.

Other types of drawing pencils:

There are various types of drawing pencils available on the market today such as; woodless graphite, charcoal pencils, colored pencils, white coloring pencils, colored pencils, and many more.

I wouldn’t worry about all these different types of drawing pencils as this can simply overwhelm you and can make it harder to decide on what kind of pencil is best for you.

For most people a simple wooden graphite or charcoal pencil will suffice but if you are looking to expand your techniques then I would pick up some colored pencils.

What are the best drawing pens?

A lot of people ask me what is a good pen for drawing and this really depends on your own personal preferences. If you are looking for a quality pen that can produce high-quality lines then I would check out either Faber Castell PITT Artist Pens or Sakura Micron Pens.

These types of pens are better for drawing fine lines and details while markers can be used to create bolder lighter colors and a more sketchy style of illustration. Sometimes it’s good to have both a marker and pen in your arsenal so you have the best of both worlds!

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There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to looking for the best pencil cases for artists. Hopefully, these tips and guidelines I have learned help you choose the right one.

Just remember that you don’t need all this equipment in order to start off with art as there are endless techniques that can help you make great works without having to invest in all the fancy tools.

This article is written for artists, teachers, and anyone who carries a lot of drawing materials with them wherever they go. If you think your pencil case is the best one out there, please let me know and I’ll check it out!

So get out there and start drawing!

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