Gifts for Artists who Paint: 13 Awesome Ideas!

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Wondering what to get that artistic friend, relative, colleague, or art teacher of yours who likes to paint? Perhaps you are looking for a painting gift for someone special who wants to explore their creativity? Either way, this gift idea list has you covered!

Choosing a gift for an arty person in your life can be difficult, especially if you aren’t an artist and don’t know much about art supply brands or what different mediums can do. When looking for gift ideas for an artist who enjoys painting, it’s easy to feel out of your depth!

Have no fear! The gift ideas below will certainly encourage creativity and imagination and get your artistic friend painting!

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13 Awesome Gifts for Artists who Paint

Daily Painting: Paint Small and Often To Become a More Creative, Productive, and Successful Artist

daily painting - book

This book, Daily Painting by Carol Marine, is a great gift to inspire creativity and imagination. It helps jump-start artistic creativity, and will encourage experimentation and artistic growth! If you think your friend needs to actually sell his/ her paintings then this is a great read because it helps artists increase their sales.

Falling in Art Beechwood Tabletop Easel Set

acrylic set and desktop easel

This is a lovely gift to give someone who is planning on traveling! It is a portable, table-top easel with storage space for paint, brushes and a palette. It comes with 12 acrylic paint tubes and a set of brushes.

Samadhi Board: Water Drawing Set for Painting

water gifts for artists who like to paint

This is a beautiful and unusual gift for someone who enjoys painting. It promotes mindfulness and calm through meditative relaxation. You paint on the surface of the board and it slowly fades away as the water evaporates providing a “fresh canvas” for starting over anew – an effortless way to learn the ancient Yogic art of presence. It comes with a natural wood brush and a yogic stand and is great for both adults and kids.

Adjustable Artist Apron

artists apron

An artists apron is an incredibly thoughtful gift to give someone who likes to paint! This one is adjustable and has several handy pockets for holding your pens, pencils, brushes and other bits and pieces necessary for painting!

Paint Brush Holder

paint brush holder

A paintbrush is a painters greatest tool, so keeping them safe is vital for their longevity! This roll-up paintbrush holder comes with 22 slots to hold all sorts of paintbrushes! The fabric will absorb any extra moisture on the brushes, so protect them from mold and keep their bristles like new!

Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh Coffee Mug

Every artist needs a mug! I love this mug – who doesn’t enjoy Van Gogh’s Starry Night? A great gift for an artist who paints!

Aliotech Travel Artist Empty Watercolor Tin Palette

I love tin watercolor palettes because the watercolor paint pools easily on the tin, and its easy to mix color…and easy to wash. It doesn’t stain or wear like plastic. This is such a great, night sky watercolor palette tin with a handy ring – easy to carry and great for travel!

Tombow 56189 Dual Brush Pen Art Markers, Tropical

You can’t go wrong with Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers. There are so many ways to use these markers, plus this tropical color range is pretty awesome!

Sakroots Artist Circle Flap Cross-Body Bag

The Sakroots Artist bag is excellent quality and makes it easy and comfortable to carry your brushes, paints and other art materials – a practical and attractive gift!

Bob Ross Chia Pet

This Bob Ross Chia Pet is a fun idea to gift someone with a sense of humor!

The Daylight Aura Ring Light

A great gift idea for a painter who enjoys working at night when there is limited light. The Aura ring light is fantastic for painting when there is just not enough daylight. Using this light gives you an accurate idea of color and doesn’t strain your eyes. It’s also ideal for lighting up your artwork for video tutorials and photos!

Derwent Inktense Paint Palette

This is a great on-the-go painting set and Derwent Inktense are known for their bright and bold colors and long lasting pigment!

Daler-Rowney Georgian Oil Paints and Set

I love Daler Rowney products and this is a great gift for someone who wants to try out oil painting! This is a fabulous set with 6 tubes from which you can mix a multitude of colors!

What can you gift a painter?

There are so many awesome painting gifts out there but its tough to find the right one because there are so many factors involved!

Consider what type of art they like.

If they have often told you how much they LOVE the way the Impressionists blend color, or the angst of the German Expressionists, then perhaps consider gifting them something that would help them explore their own painterly mark (for instance a palette knife or some gel medium?). But if it’s obvious they love watercolor painting in their art journal, then something like watercolor pans, or even watercolor brush pens might do the trick!

Think about what they might already have.

You don’t want to give them something they already have a ton of! Try to get an idea of what they already have, so you can get them something new!

What is the purpose for your gift?

Do you want your gift to be a big surprise or a helpful gift – something they need vs something that inspires?

Put yourself in their shoes!

What paintings have they done recently? What do they seem to enjoy painting with? What would make their artistic practice easier?

Talk to their nearest and dearest!

Chat to their friends, siblings, or parents and you may uncover some great ideas and further information about what gift to get.

Consider the quality!

For people who are beginners to painting there are lots of student quality paints and tools that you can gift them that will do the job perfectly! (Always a good idea to check the reviews on these). However, if you are buying a gift for a professional artist who likes to draw, then I would suggest making sure you are choosing a brand that is known for its high quality.

Artist Gift Basket

If you really can’t decide on one single gift idea an artist’s gift basket is a really thoughtful idea! You can collect a few small things and place them in an art supply tote bag, basket, or pencil box.

This list of gift ideas for artists who enjoy painting contains all of the essentials, such as paints, easels, brushes, as well as some unique finds that are fun and thoughtful!  You can be sure that these painting gift ideas cater to a variety of skill levels and aesthetics, no matter who you’re purchasing for!

awesome gift ideas for artists who paint pinterest pin


Buying gifts for artists who like to paint can be tough at times! There always seems to be pressure when you buy gifts for creative people because it always seems to be the same creative people that come up with the best present ideas for the rest of us!

At the end of the day…the most important thing is the thought behind it! So, this list of awesome gift ideas for artists who paint should help you find something both unique and inspiring! Before you go, tell me if you have had nay cool ideas for creative gifts this year?

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