Himi Gouache Paint Set Review 2022. What is so great about Jelly Paint?

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Are you looking for a versatile paint set that is easy to use and produces excellent results? If so, you should consider Himi Gouache paint.

I bought mine earlier this year and have been happy with the results so far. This article will share my experience with Himi Gouache paint and what you can expect if you purchase it for yourself.

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What is Himi Gouache Paint, and what is Jelly Paint?

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If you’re not familiar with gouache, it’s similar to watercolor in the sense that it’s a water-based medium, but the pigment is a lot more opaque and less transparent.

Gouache paint is a type of watercolor made up of pigment, binder, and water. The main difference between gouache and other watercolors is that gouache contains more stain and less water, which gives it a thicker consistency. This makes gouache easier.

Jelly paint refers to the consistency and the ‘jelly-like’ feel of the gouache paint. It’s paint that is both thick and has a sticky texture, which gives it the ‘jelly’ nickname.

opening the Himi Gouache paint set

What does the Himi Gouache Set come with?

The himi paint set I bought comes with 24 gouache colors, three brushes, and a removable white palette. The brushes are round, flat, and filbert in shape and have white bristles.

What is gouache paint good for?

Gouache is great for painting illustrations, comics, and watercolor paintings. It’s also suitable for layering and adding details.

Gouache is easy to use, and the paints are well-mixed – so you don’t have to worry about streaks, and the colors are vibrant. The only downside is that the paint can be a little thick, so it’s not great for washes.

How to use the Himi Gouache paint set

painting with himi gouache paint

As we mentioned before, the Himi Gouache paint set is jelly paint, set up with each color in a separate jelly cup. So what is the best way to set up the Himi gouache jelly cups to make the painting process easier? Let’s get into it…

How do you set up Himi gouache?

laying out himi gouache paint jelly cups

So the best way to set up your Himi gouache paint is to select which colors you will be using for your artwork and then pull the plastic lids off the jelly cups without pulling them off completely.

This means that when you are finished using a specific color, you can lay the plastic lid over the paint again, and it will prevent the gouache from drying out too fast.

You can also remove each color tub from the paint box and place them in an easy-to-access position to make your painting process more streamlined.

How do you paint with jelly gouache paint?

To use Himi gouache paint, you can paint directly from the jelly cup if you work with a Himi palette color. Just remember, to prevent your stains from becoming muddy, you should thoroughly clean your brush before you start working with another color!

If you need to mix a different color, you can use your paintbrush to lift out some gouache paint and mix it with another color on the Himi paint palette.

how to paint with himi gouache paint

Do you mix gouache with water?

No, it would be best not to mix gouache with water. Gouache is made up of pigment, binder, and water. When you add more water to the gouache, it will thin the paint and make it difficult to control its consistency.

If your paint is losing moisture, you will need to add a little bit of water to it to keep it the right consistency. Also, if you add water, make sure to thoroughly mix it with the paint so that the color is solid when painted on your paper.

Can you use gouache for washes?

Gouache can be used for washes, but it’s not the best because of its thick consistency. Gouache paint will form a film over the surface of your paper, and it will be challenging to get washes with the desired transparency.

Can you use gouache paint on canvas?

Canvas is usually not absorbent and is acceptable for gouache paint. However, if you choose to paint your gouache on canvas, try to add as little water as possible and paint quite thickly to get even coverage.

What paper do you use for gouache?

Choose a mixed-media paper or sketchbook that is at least 200gsm. If you are painting art you intend to sell; it would be even better to choose a paper of at least 300gsm.

You want to choose a slightly absorbent paper but holds water well without buckling or warping.

Because gouache paint needs a little bit of moisture to activate, it’s not the best medium for heavily textured papers or “tooth”.

However, if you’re using gouache for detailed illustrations or calligraphy, a heavily textured paper can add a lot of character to your work.

What brushes are suitable for gouache?

Round paint brushes are great for gouache because they have a pointed tip, making it easy to get into the tight spaces in your painting, and the pointed end also allows you to make fine lines.

They also hold a good amount of paint, so you don’t have to keep dipping into your paint palette as often.

I also find synthetic Filbert paintbrushes to be helpful. A Filbert paintbrush with a flat end and a rounded top is suitable for filling in larger areas.

It’s a good idea to have a variety of brush sizes in your paintbox. I mostly use size 6 and 5 round brushes, but I also have a few different sizes of flat shapes.

Does Himi paint dry out?

dried himi gouache paint

I have had my Himi paints for ten months now, and I have stored them by simply laying the plastic cover over the top. I have found that the top layer of the paint has dried, but if you work into the paint, you will find a more jelly consistency underneath.

How can I revive Himi gouache?

reviving himi gouache paint

You can revive your Himi gouache paint by spraying water on the surface of the dry gouache. By wetting the paint lightly, you reactivate it.

Work into the paint with a brush to get the desired consistency. This is actually the same process as painting with a watercolor pan palette.

How do I keep my Himi Gouache Set from drying out?

Himi paints are a great way to try a different medium without a significant investment. I would advise you not to leave the paint uncovered for extended periods; otherwise, it will dry out.

Another good idea for storing your gouache jelly paints is by wrapping a layer of plastic over the open jelly cups. This will prevent air from circulating and prevent moisture from escaping the gouache.

When I am finished with my painting, what should you do with your paintbrushes and palette?

If you are finished with your painting and want to clean your brushes, simply rinse them underwater, making sure to squeeze out all the paint. Then, lay them flat on a paper towel to dry.

If you’re not done with your painting and want to take a break, you can cover your paint palette with plastic wrap and store it in a refrigerator. This will help keep the paints from drying out.

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Pros and Cons of using Himi Gouache

What is great about Himi Gouache paint?

  • Himi gouache is perfect for people on a lower budget.
  • Great for beginners!
  • The Himi gouache paint set is portable and travel-friendly, making it great for urban sketching or en Plein air painting.
  • Himi colors are vibrant, and the texture is clean and smooth when dry.
  • The Himi gouache palette is white for clear color mixing; it’s removable and really easy to clean.
  • Gorgeous pastel colors.
  • Himi gouache is non-toxic and water-soluble.

What’s not so great about Himi Gouache Paint?

  • If you paint too thickly, the paint may crumble off the surface.
  • The lid is difficult to close.
  • I found the plastic cover doesn’t have an air-tight seal – this would make a huge difference for keeping the paints in their jelly state!
  • Even though it’s portable, you have to be careful not to shake it up too much. The paint may come out of the jelly cup if you are transporting a newly opened Himi gouache set. However, mine are slightly thicker now, exposed to air for ten months. This means I could safely transport them without paint spillage!
  • No guarantee that the pigment won’t fade over time.

Best place to buy Himi Gouache Paint: Amazon

Where can I find refills for Himi Gouache Set?

I was amazed that Himi Goacuhe refills aren’t found in very many places. However, they can be purchased in individual color refills off AliExpress.

Which brand of gouache is best?

There are many different brands of gouache paint, and I love Himi paints. Still, whenever I am painting art I intend to sell, I prefer using Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache because it’s high quality, light-fast, and lasts a long time.

Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache - Introductory Set, Set of 10 Colors, 14 ml Tubes

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Final thoughts on Himi Gouache

Are Himi gouache paints good?

I would highly recommend the Himi gouache paints for beginners but also for experienced artists looking to expand their collection with an inexpensive set of alternative colors.

The Himi gouache set would be a perfect addition to any artist’s paintbox.

I think it is an excellent product for the price and the colors are beautiful! I find them smooth, easy to work with, and pigmented enough to help create beautiful works of art.

However, I think the lid design could be improved as it is difficult to close properly and causes the paint to dry out over time.

So, overall, I recommend the Himi Gouache paints.

Frequently asked questions about Gouache Paint.

What is the difference between jelly gouache and gouache?

Jelly gouache is the name given to gouache paint in a liquid, jelly-like state and packaged in a “jelly cup” container.

Gouache can also come in liquid form in a tube or come in dry half pans.

Gouache paint in jelly form does not need to be activated with water, whereas dry gouache pans do.

Is Himi gouache a watercolor?

No, Himi gouache is not a watercolor. Gouache paint is opaque paint that is made from water and pigment. It is different from transparent watercolors because it contains white pigment that makes it opaque.

Himi gouache paint tends not to soak into, or stain the paper to be lifted off.

What is gouache paint Good For?

Gouache paint is perfect for any project that requires a solid, opaque look. Gouache works well on dark-colored papers because it creates a rich color with a flat finish.

Gouache paint is excellent for painting in your art journal or mixed media projects. It can also be used for portraits, landscapes, and other figurative work.

Is gouache paint the same as acrylic?

No, gouache paint is not the same as acrylic. Gouache is opaque watercolor paint, whereas acrylic is a fast-drying, synthetic paint that is water-resistant. Acrylic can be used on many different surfaces, such as wood, canvas, and paper.

What is the difference between gouache and poster paint?

The main difference between gouache and poster paint is that gouache is opaque watercolor paint, whereas poster paint is non-opaque, all-purpose paint. Poster paint is generally less expensive than gouache and comes in a wider variety of colors. It is also less light-fast and less durable than gouache.

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 If you’re looking for a paint set that is versatile and easy to use, I would recommend Himi Gouache paint. It has a gorgeous range of colors and yields beautiful results perfect for beginner artists or hobbyists. The best part? It comes at an affordable price.

I hope this article has clarified whether Himi gouache is something you need for your next artwork.

Happy painting 🙂

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